Welcome to the i-Compete online survey

I-Compete is the latest in the series of Purchasing related Research carried out by the Innovation, Purchasing and Supply Research Team at Bristol Business School. This research in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply and supported by Universities South West investigated how SMEs in the South West of England undertook their procurement activities. Its primary aims were to-

  • Assess the current level of expertise in procurement among SMEs in the South West
  • Identify best practice and investigate how this knowledge can be captured, transferred, adapted and used by other SMEs
  • Understand the impact innovation in procurement has upon the development of sustainable competitive advantage within SMEs
  • Ascertain what is needed to improve SME procurement practice and how SMEs in both manufacturing and non manufacturing businesses can achieve these improvements
  • Identifying the main obstacles to SMEs improving their procurement expertise
  • Identifying the role the external environment plays in supporting SME procurement practice
  • Produce a freely available online self assessment toolset for SMEs to evaluate their current level of procurement expertise and get access to the experiences of other SMEs

Below you will see how you can -

  • Download our research brochure
  • Download our extended case study brochure
  • Take the confidential SME benchmarking survey

take survey
This benchmarking test allows you to answer a series of questions about your organisation and then compare your answers with the ones from our survey that most match your SME profile (ie. business type, no. of employees, external spend) . We will show you question by question how you compared with your peers and additionally give you the opportunity to review additional SME experience / feedback on a subject by subject basis. Your answers are confidential to you and will not be stored by the system and used in any way by the university or its partners.

download the i-compete Practitioner brochure
This brochure contains a complete analysis of all our results. It compares and contrasts how manufacturing and non manufacturing SMEs of various sizes undertake their procurement activities. It is intended for both practitioners and academics with the summary contrasting our findings with existing literature and suggesting how the development of Purchasing in SMEs contrasts with their larger counterparts.

download the i-compete brochure
This brochure provides further details from a range of SMEs who participated in our research and then undertook a follow up extended interview to provide more detail in subject areas where they were seen to be more advanced practitioners.